Do I Brush or Floss First?

father brushing his teeth with his young daughter

Preventive dentistry is crucial for maintaining a healthy smile. Regular brushing and flossing can help reduce the risk of serious dental issues from arising, such as gum disease or tooth decay. Here’s what you need to know about your at-home oral hygiene routine to ensure you are keeping your teeth and gums in tip-top shape!

Brushing or Flossing, Which Comes First?

This is an excellent question that we receive often! There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way when it comes to which task you do first. The most important thing is that you are completing both hygiene steps every day. There is a great (friendly) debate among dental professionals about which task should come first. Keep reading to learn more about the different sides to make a decision for yourself!

Team “Floss First”

For those who vote to floss first, their reasoning is that floss can help break up the plaque between teeth so that the fluoride and tooth-healthy ingredients in toothpaste will be more effective and beneficial. Another part of the argument is that flossing is often the most overlooked of the two steps. If you floss first before brushing, you will be more likely to floss regularly and not put it by the wayside.

Team “Brush First”

For those who vote to brush teeth first, their reasoning is that brushing helps remove a considerable amount of plaque so that the floss doesn’t have to push through as much and can be more of a finishing step that catches any leftover plaque after most of it has been removed through brushing.

Oral Hygiene Answers at Jones Creek Family Dentistry

No matter which step you choose to do first, the best thing is that you are completing both steps every day! Questions about your oral hygiene regimen? We’d love to speak with you! Please contact our team at Jones Creek Family Dentistry to learn more.

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