Discreet Teeth Straightening Options

Want to straighten your teeth but don’t necessarily want the whole world to know about it? Many adults are interested in correcting their teeth but don’t want to look like they’re back in middle school or high school with a mouth full of metal. Before, orthodontic appliances like braces with noticeable metal wires and brackets used to be the only option for people who wanted to fix the alignment of their teeth. Now, that’s not the case! Here are some discreet teeth straightening options for adults:

Accelerated Braces

Wait! Before you start thinking about how you said you didn’t want braces, you should know that accelerated braces are a whole other ball game. They may use the same technology and method as conventional braces to properly align teeth, but they’re designed in a way that’s much less noticeable. Their wires are tooth-colored and their brackets are clear so all the gear blends in much better. As an added bonus, the average treatment times with these kinds of braces is just six months. Not only can you enjoy a subtler treatment, but you can also get done with your procedure even faster so they aren’t as much of a nuisance in your life.

woman inserting clear aligner for teeth straightening

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have really changed the field of orthodontics. While these are designed to straighten teeth, they’re not like braces at all. Instead, they swap wires and brackets for plastic trays that are fitted to your teeth. They almost look like thin mouthguards. The best part about these aligners is that they’re made from clear material so when you’re wearing them, it’s hard to even notice them. They’re also removable so you can take them out for special events and photo ops and won’t have to worry about people noticing that you’re in the middle of an orthodontic treatment.

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