Toothpaste Hacks to Make Your Life Better

Are you searching for the perfect universal cleaner? Perhaps it’s sitting right on your bathroom counter! Aside from conventional dental purposes, plain, white toothpaste may actually prove more useful to your household than you might think. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your toothpaste multi-functional.

  1. Eliminate Pet Odor
  2. Sometimes pet shampoo just doesn’t cut it for our furry friends. But pet odor can often be eliminated with a small amount of toothpaste. Simply wet your pet down, and massage the toothpaste into their coat. After sitting for a few minutes, rinse and continue bathing as usual. Your pet and your home will smell fresh in no time. Just be sure they don’t lick off the toothpaste before rinsing, since human toothpaste is toxic to pets if ingested! Black and white border collie dog lies in a green field with its pink tongue lolling out

  3. Clean Carpet Stains
  4. Before you break the bank over expensive carpet cleaning services, try removing small stains with toothpaste. Place a bit of it on the stain and rub it into your carpet with a damp cloth. Keep scrubbing until you see the stain lift. Let the area dry completely before vacuuming.

  5. Alleviate Bug Bites
  6. It’s summertime and bugs are definitely out. If you’ve fallen victim to a creepy crawler, try rubbing some toothpaste on the affected area. The cooling sensation will alleviate the sting and provide you with relief.

  7. Shine Your Jewelry
  8. A basic toothpaste can act as a polish for jewelry that’s looking less than lustrous. Dampen a soft-bristled brush, apply a dab of toothpaste, and gently scrub away any grime. After, rinse with water and let dry. Closeup of the hands of a woman wearing a white blouse and 3 metal bracelets on her wrist

  9. Patch Wall Damage
  10. Hanging decor on your walls can often leave minor damages once removed. Toothpaste can act as a spackle for small nail holes. Apply the toothpaste directly to the wall, let dry, then sand it down if necessary. It is safe to paint over the toothpaste at this point.

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