When Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Artistic rendering of a wisdom tooth

Here at Jones Creek Dentistry, we believe that it’s always best to save a tooth rather than pull it–when safe and possible. However, sometimes it’s just necessary to perform an extraction. In this post, we’ll go over the instances when a tooth extraction may be needed.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

There comes a time in so many of our patients’ lives when we must consider the removal of their wisdom teeth. Although not everyone has to have their wisdom teeth extracted, many do. When wisdom teeth finally make their appearance, they tend to cause some problems that are best solved by their removal. Wisdom teeth can cause the rest of the teeth to shift which can disrupt a straight smile. Additionally they can become impacted, potentially leading to pain and damage. Ultimately, Dr. Jones will take a good look at your X-rays and decide how best to proceed with your wisdom teeth.

Decay and Trauma

Although removing wisdom teeth is common, it’s not the only reason why an extraction might be performed. Unfortunately, sometimes decay is so bad that we can’t restore the tooth through a root canal or other means. Trauma or accidents can also cause a tooth to become damaged beyond saving. Rest assured that if you need a tooth removed our team will provide you with competent and gentle care.

Perfecting the Smile

Although it’s not the norm, there are instances when a tooth extraction may be performed in order to get the patient’s smile ready for braces. A tooth extraction would be considered if the patient has overcrowded teeth, severe bite issues, impactions, a small jaw, and other problems. However, Dr. Jones will be sure to consider other options before choosing to extract.

Comprehensive Dental Care at Jones Creek Dental Care

As we mentioned at the outset, we’ll do whatever we can to keep your natural teeth in place. That means exploring alternative options to extraction if you do have one of the issues detailed above. It also means educating you and helping you keep your teeth healthy! Give us a call to schedule your next appointment with us, or request a visit online!

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